List of the Top 9 Rabbits for Pets

The moderate American Sable rabbit does have a brown coat that mimics mink, with light to dark tones and sepia on the face, ears, paws, and tail.

American Sable

Rare American rabbits. This 12-pound bunny is two-toned. The American is nice and has gorgeous fur. The American is a critical breed, according to ALBC.

American Rabbit

French Argente rabbits have rich, silky coats in a range of hues. Argente rabbits range in size and colour, from silver-brown to silver-blue.

Argente Rabbits

The Belgian Hare is among the earliest rabbit species in the U.S. The Belgian Hare has a long, slender body, an arching back, round and hindquarters. Rare breed

Belgian Hare

In the US, Californian rabbits are popular. Originating in 1920s Southern California. White body, Himalayan nose, ears, feet, and tail.

Californian Rabbit

Standard, American, and Giant Chinchillas. All Chinchilla rabbit breeds have velvety coats with silver coloration like the South American pet chinchilla. Blend of greys


The Dutch rabbit, with its bi-colored patterns, is one of the most popular breeds. Despite its name, the Dutch rabbit is a breed from England.

Dutch rabbit

Europe's had Flemish Giant rabbits since the 17th century. Some Flemish Giants weigh 20 lbs. In the 1890s, its size increased rabbit weight in the US.

Flemish Giant

The Havana rabbit's velvety coat is compared to mink. Bunny size. Dutch despite the name. Because Havana cigars resembled rabbit fur, they got their name.

Havana Rabbit

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