List of the 5 Gentlest Horses

Westerners produced Quarter Horses. Calm quarter horses. They work and ride. DNA-based. Specialties include herding, reining, timed contests, trail riding, and leisure riding. Family-friendly quarter horses.

 American Quarter Horse

Late 1700s Tennessee created this breed. Tall, beautiful walkers. Their run is smooth. Comfortable. Tennessee Walking Horses are popular. Trail horses with surefootedness.

Tennessee Walking Horse

The Morgan is a late 1700s New England breed. This small, powerful horse has a short, strong back. These horses seem to thrive on human interaction and are willing partners.

The Morgan

Their coats and history are fascinating. The Appaloosa was created by the Nez Perce tribe. An early selective horse breeder. Appaloosas are sure-footed trail horses.

The Appaloosa

Large draughts may scare novice riders. Versatile half-draught, half-saddle horses. Such a horse is great for trail riding and pleasure riding novices. A cross can pull waggons and big cargo.

Draft Crosses

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