Innovative food products

Our dietary beliefs and eating habits are evolving. Many of today's food inventions seek alternatives to meat & dairy for environmental, nutritional, or ethical reasons.


Toast Ale makes beer from leftover bread. The British company uses bread scraps, crusts, & unsold artisan loaves to make ales. Profits go to food waste organization Feedback.

Alcohol-free beer is starting to taste real. British brewery Brewdog's line, including Nanny State and Punk AF, reduces alcohol level by removing gluten.

Alcohol-free beer improves

Focus is turning from burgers to other meats, especially hog, in the growing artificial meat sector. Impossible Pork and Impossible Sausage are the first new products since 2016's Burger.


JUST Egg is one of the largest vegan egg substitute companies. Mung bean offers protein & an eggy texture; onion, carrots, & turmeric add taste & color.

Bottled egg

Some adore garlic. Some despise garlic. Many more appreciate the taste and how it adds dimension to meals, but hate its lingering breath. Garlidoux targets this group.

Garlic odourless

Hard seltzers like White Claw & have been popular in the US for while, & Budweiser & Smirnoff are starting to enter other regions. Essentially alcoholic flavored waters are lower in calories.


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