Lifespan Records for Animals

Macaws outlive their owners. Macaws typically live 50 years. Amazon macaws are endangered, imperilled, or extinct. Illegal trapping is at fault because macaws have few natural predators.


Slow metabolism and maturation allow tuataras live beyond 100. Spiky crests give male tuataras their name. These triangle skin folds are generated during mating or disagreements.


100-year-old Galapagos Tortoises weigh 900 lbs. Slow metabolism and maturity extend life. Galapagos turtle shells develop about 20-25 years. Bad metabolism allows a year-long fast.

Galapagos Tortoises

400-year lifespan These bivalves reside in the Western Atlantic Ocean from Newfoundland to North Carolina. Ocean quahogs burrow to the ocean floor and filter 1 gallon each hour.

 Ocean Quahog 

200-year lifespan Bowhead whales are the longest-lived mammals. They're called arctic whales since they live in the arctic year-round. They can reach 60 feet long and 220,000 pounds.

Bowhead Whale

Red sea urchin spines deter predators. They're the biggest red or burgundy urchins. Red sea urchins need stony subtidal environments in the Pacific Ocean. They're about 100.

Red sea Urchins

African elephants live the longest of any land animal. These intelligent elephants hold grudges for life. Their 22-month gestation is double ours. 60-year-old

African Elephants 

40s This multicoloured carp lives forever. They're popular in Japan and their colour typically has meaning. A Koi's longevity depends on its habitat and happiness.

Koi Fish