How sushi and slurpees were invented


Do you ever wonder how a gin and tonic or hot dog came to be? Some of our most common dishes and drinks were originally intended to preserve food.


Few know the history of 7-Eleven's frozen drink. In the 1950s, Kansas shop owner Omar Knedlik's soda fountain shattered. He froze his drinks and served them half-frozen to keep them cool.


Donald Goerke, a Campbell's Franco-American employee, was challenged to produce a spaghetti meal kids could eat with a spoon in 1965.

Nashville-style chicken

This spicy chicken is a pleasure for heat lovers and a punishment for others. So it was created. Thornton Prince's 1930s lover found him cheating. To get revenge, she cooked him spicy chicken for breakfast.


McDonald's introduced the contentious meal in 1965 to boost sales on Friday, when Roman Catholics abstain from meat. The Filet-O-Fish sandwich has tartar sauce and American cheese.

Gin & Tonic

In the 19th century, alcoholic drinks had a more practical use. Malaria-stricken British colonists in India drank it. The quinine in tonic cured fever chills, the gin made it more palatable.


We could eat bagels with cream cheese every day. Did you know it was invented to eat on Saturday after the Sabbath? The bread originated in Krakow,

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