Are pickles healthy to eat?

250 million Americans eat pickles annually, 9 pounds per person.

Sour, kosher, and dill pickles contain few to no carbs, making them an excellent snack for diabetics.

Pickles don't raise blood sugar like sweets or chips do. Quick pickles, produced with vinegar instead of salt-based brine, help balance blood sugar.

Multiple studies indicated that persons who ate vinegar with or after a meal had lower glucose levels.

Many pickle types have a major downside. Just a few slices contain 1304 mg of sodium, which is 57% of the CDC's 2300 mg upper limit and 87% of the American Heart Association's 1500 mg optimal limit.

Higher levels of sodium are connected to high blood pressure and stroke, thus we must limit it.

Choose fermented pickles. How do you know if pickles have beneficial microbes? First, buy refrigerated ones since lower temps help healthy bacteria survive.

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