Least Expressive Zodiac Signs Who Can Hide Their Feelings

Emotional concealment comes naturally to Virgos. No zodiac sign is less emotional than these. It takes forever to introduce the topic. They deserve privacy.


Virgos are kind, but only close friends know. Emotions get to the right people. Thus, to portray Virgos, one must be honest, truthful, and kind. Most Virgos are good analysts.

Libra follows less expressive zodiac signs. They dislike lying. However, they would take decades to reveal themselves. Librans aren't emotional. They will not tote a bucket of problems.


Aquarius natives reveal oneself to intimate friends. Breaking their walls to understand them is difficult. They barely spoke. They prefer extended writing to express themselves.


When one partner isn't really committed, the other will master emotional concealment. Aquariuses don't open out emotionally till later in life because they're dedicated to their partners.

Practical, goal-oriented Capricorns believe feelings should be hidden. They're the least expressive. Work shouldn't be emotional. Work trumped emotions.


Capricorns lack affection. Thus, they suppress emotions here. They will recall who, when, and where seemed dangerous. They express themselves when and when appropriate.

Taurus is stubborn. Their intransigence typically interferes with their lives and career. Their emotions, however, are generally hidden. The least expressive zodiac signs are them.


Tauruses show their emotions. They'll never own them. Many confuse their silliness and numbness for self-control. Tauruses also never express their concerns.

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