Largest Snakes in the World: 9 Poisonous Species

 Gaboon Viper

The world's largest venomous snake weighs 25 pounds. Two-inch fangs make them a dangerous snake. Calm and quick-witted. Warm-blooded prey is found in thermal trenches. Gaboon Vipers ambush victims in thickets.

King Cobra

King Cobra is longest deadly snake. 19-foot was longest. King Cobras eat snakes and monitor lizards, hence their latin name. King Cobra poison is less deadly than other snakes. King cobras can inject fatal doses of venom.

Coastal Taipans

The Coastal Taipan is Australia's longest deadly snake, however its venom is milder than the Inland Taipan's. Taipans hunt energetically. They deliver a lethal bite then release, allowing the poison to work.

Black Mamba

Black Mambas are Africa's longest toxic snakes. Black Mambas are fast and deadly. 12 mph is possible for legless snakes. Black Mambas rarely kill despite their venom and quickness. Land and tree Black Mambas.

Forest Cobra

The Forest Cobra is another dangerous African snake. Forest cobras raise their hoods when threatened. Forest cobras are huge. True cobras belong to the Naja genus, which comprises 40 species.

Yellow Sea Snake

Yellow Marine Snake has the most venom. Unknown toxicity of Yellow Sea Snake venom. Elapidae contains cobras, King Cobras, kraits, coral snakes, and sea snakes. Elapid neurotoxins.


Fer-de-lances cause most South American snakebites. Because they reside near humans, these snakes are known to attack. Female Fer-de-lances grow bigger and faster. Fer-de-lances have 5-80 live babies, not eggs.

Eastern Brown Snake

Eastern Brown Snakes are huge and poisonous. Eastern brown snakes are among Australia's most venomous snakes. The Eastern Brown Snake's venom isn't the most deadly in Australia, but it causes over 60% of fatal snake bites.


Diamondbacks are North America's longest rattlesnake. Over 11 pounds is unusual. Rattlesnake tails rattle. This structure vibrates when rattlesnakes sense danger. Buzztails was their nickname.

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