Main Coons are the oldest native breed in the U.S. Maine Coon cats have shaggy coats and bobcat-like tufts. The Maine Coon is gentle and laid-back despite appearances.

Maine Coon

Huge, affectionate, and laid-back, Ragdoll cats. Named for their limpness when handled. This cat's size shouldn't scare you. Social Ragdolls do well in homes with numerous people and dogs.


"Wegie" is what Americans call the Norwegian forest cat. This wild cat has lynx-tipped ears and a long, dense coat . It has close interpersonal interactions yet prefers solitude.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Persian cats have stunning faces. This long-haired cat's round, flat face and short muzzle give it a crushed face look. Long hair enlarges it. One of the smallest big breeds. 


This large, smart Siberian cat is rare. Short summers and long winters made it so. Bringing the animal indoors revealed its true colours. Siberian cats are affectionate and playful.


Savannahs are a domestic-serval mix with large ears. Savannahs are pet leopards. Savannah cats' wildness depends on their breed mix.


This house cat's bobbed tail is remarkable. Bobcats have long hind legs and hunting eyes. Breeding stray cats with short tails developed the breed.

American Bobtail

The ragdoll is related. Ragamuffin is affectionate and calm. Calm Ragamuffin cats have silky fur. Their personalities are like ragdolls, but their faces are nicer.


Domestic Bengals are not wild. Bengals have an athletic build and striped coat. Bengal owners say the breed is affectionate. Cats who love to play and climb.


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