Keep your home tidy if you have indoor pets

Pets can be filthy, unsanitary, and carry fleas and infections. Pet owners battle hairballs, pee stains, droppings, shavings, and feathers. Keeping your pet and home clean is easy.

Keep up with your grooming routine

Grooming may not be able to prevent all shedding, but it will help keep the coat and skin in good condition. The Furminator is a well-liked tool for minimising excess fur.

Use Good Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum pet hair thoroughly. Strong suction, all-surface use, and hair-free. Easy-to-empty filters are needed. It must be quiet, have upholstery tools, and reach hard-to-reach locations to reduce pet stress.

Use Pet Hair Removal Products

Hair can be removed from upholstery, clothing, and other soft furnishings with the help of a lint roller or a rubber brush, among other tools.

Eliminating Urine Marks

Urine and vomit must be cleaned carefully to prevent odours and pet return. Pet urine may seem clean. Urate lasts. Urate neutralises enzymes. Blot urine before adding solution.

Maintaining a Clean Living Environment

Regularly wash dog or cat bedding or bird, small animal, or reptile cages. Dirty cages can cause pet discomfort and illness. Clean and use high-quality kitty litter.

Choosing Appropriate Cleaning and Fragrancing Supplies

Make sure cleaning chemicals are pet-safe. Research and read labels. Use bleach sparingly. Some make cleaning goods. This is cheaper, greener, and avoids harsh or harmful components.

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