Keep these things in mind before expressing love

Before expressing your love, take special care of these things, it will easily accept your love.

Make a place for yourself in her heart and earn her trust before declaring your love for her.

Build trust

Whenever you talk to him, do not give priority to your own words only, listen to his words also and try to understand them.

listen to things

Before expressing love, it is very important to know the likes and dislikes of the crush,

Take care of choice

and try your best to keep the crush's choice first.

Avoid expressing love immediately and give yourself and your crush full time to know and understand each other.

Give full time

Before expressing love, make your crush feel special and tell her how important she is in your life.

Feel special

Before expressing your love, make your crush feel that he is safe with you, and do not express your love until he feels safe with you.

Feel safe

Before expressing your love, make sure to choose a place that your crush likes and then express your love by taking your crush there.

Choose the right place

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