Burger King outlets in Japan are substituting french fries

Burger King outlets in Japan are low on potatoes, so they're swapping fries. Due to a potato shortage, staff are serving ramen instead of french fries, CBS News reported.

Burger King outlets in Japan are out of potatoes for French fries, so they're offering ramen instead. Burger King is selling a "almost-potato set," CBS News reports.

Instead of fries, the entrée includes crunchy ramen noodles. Some clients dislike the change.

"If Burger King only served crispy ramen, I'd go to McDonald's," said one CBS viewer.

Burger King investigated boiled ramen, broiled squid, & apple pie as fries substitutes, CBS reports. Japan has 150 Burger King outlets.

Other fast food firms have had shortages due to supply chain interruptions & higher-than-expected demand.

Taco Bell reportedly stated it was out of ingredients for its famous Mexican Pizza.

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