Pet tarantulas are quite common, but you shouldn't get one if you're squeamish. The Mexican red-knee tarantula is one example of a pet tarantula with a vivid colour pattern.


The feeling of a millipede creeping on your arm is unlike anything other, and some find this pleasing. Millipedes are easy to maintain for and devour plants.

You'll have to put in effort to prepare nutritious meals for them, yet letting food spoil is preferable because it eliminates the need to throw away perishables every day.

Stick Insects

Stick insects are unique pets. Pet owners can play hide-and-seek with these thin invertebrates. Foreign stick insects are forbidden in the U.S.


Some like mantises. Due of their mating habits, a male and female shouldn't be kept together. Mantids aren't good pets because they only survive a year.


Some people keep cockroaches as invertebrate pets. Cockroaches won't bite if handled carefully. Hissing, they're otherwise quiet. Cockroaches are hardy insects.


Antlions are fantastic hunting pets. Antlions dig for prey until they grow wings at 2 to 3 years. The antlion lives three weeks after metamorphosis.


Giant African land snails aren't allowed as pets, but garden snails are. Land snails are quiet, low-maintenance pets you may hold by their shell.

Hermit Crabs

Gift and pet stores sell hermit crabs. Hermit crabs have colourful shells they outgrow. People who want to interact with and watch their pets love land hermit crabs.

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