Large-brained insectivores

Belugas have bulbous heads. Belugas can show emotion. Their cranial architecture lets face muscles operate independently. So belugas smile.

Beluga Whales

Orangutans live in Southeast Asian rainforests. Reddish-brown fur and bulbous foreheads distinguish orangutans. Orangutans can grow to 6' tall


Gorillas are Africa's largest apes. They're sturdy, stocky, and distinctive. Gorillas have large skulls and small eyes. Opposable thumbs on hands and feet.


Proboscis Monkeys live in groups of 40. These daytime monkeys eat foliage, fruit, and flowers. Proboscis Monkeys are threatened by habitat loss and hunting.

Proboscis Monkey

Elephants have large tusks, trunks, and foreheads. African elephants have a lower, more softly inclined forehead than Asian elephants.


Asian Orandas. It's red and has a big wen. Wen protects fish eyes, gills, mouth. Habitat loss and pollution threaten orandas.


Bison of North America. Once roamed in enormous herds, it's the continent's largest land animal. Poaching and habitat loss have reduced their numbers, making them endangered.

American Bison

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