Indoor-friendly herbs and veggies


Sugared leaves. Aloe Vera enjoys room temperature and sunlight. Aloe Vera needs water every 2-3 days. This herb heals burns, scrapes, and rashes.


In winter, grow tomatoes under a south-facing fluorescent light. Modesty counts. Soggy soil is bad. Tomatoes include vitamins A, C, and K plus UV-protective beta-carotene.


Cilantro wilts in heat but needs lots of light; an east-facing window is optimal. Keep soil moist but not waterlogged.This herb spices up Mexican, Indian, and Thai dishes.


Basil likes south-facing windows. Choose a pot with adequate drainage; soil should be wet, not soaked. Basil! Cheese, tomatoes, soups, pasta, pizzas, and more.


Inside: superfood. This plant prefers coolness. Cool weather.  It helps unborn infants thrive, strengthens the heart, and prevents memory loss.

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