Indicators that your potential soul mate is right around the corner

Love requires both physical and emotional connection. First sign of a prolonged romance. Love must be emotional and physical. Emotional connection takes courage.

You're physically and emotionally close

If your emotional and physical connection starts slow, don't worry! Some think this must happen immediately away, yet it increases over time. Spending time together brings people emotionally and physically closer.

When you've found your soul mate, you feel comfortable around them. It'll feel like you've known them forever, as trite as that is. They quiet your heart.

They make you feel at ease and at home

When in love, you may feel joyful and apprehensive. Passion and fire are frequent early on. If someone makes you feel safe and protected, you've discovered your soul mate.

Sharing identical aims and aspirations for the future is a sign you've found the ideal companion. You like spending time together and want to get closer.

Your beliefs are compatible with one another's

Having similar values with your partner is a good sign. Strong relationships are built on trust. Sharing values makes it easier to make important decisions together.

Sometimes, love is messy. You've discovered a terrific person to commit to if your spouse loves you despite your mistakes and pulls you up when you're wrong.

Your partner appreciates your flaws

You're loved despite your flaws. You wouldn't change anything about each other's habits and eccentricities. Finding someone who loves your imperfections shows everlasting love.

Boundaries let you and your partner assess comfort and expectations. Love has healthy bounds. A relationship has limits. A relationship needs limits.

Respectful limits are in place between you

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