Indicators of a Pisces' personality

Last in the zodiac is Pisces, a water sign. Pisces's attention is split between dream and reality, depicted by two fish swimming in different directions.

Pisces has absorbed the previous signs' joys, pains, hopes, and fears. They're the most insightful, sympathetic fish. Pisces are emotional and easily overwhelmed.

Neptune rules creativity and dreams, therefore Pisces love exploring their fantasies. Neptune's darker side governs illusion and escapism.

Neptunian energy is magical, mysterious, and dangerous. When the horizon is obscured by fog on the water, the sea and sky blend together.

Pisces must be aware of mirages; these susceptible fish prefer rose-colored glasses to addressing problems, earning them a reputation as flaky or delusional.

The water sign should remember that swimming away won't fix problems. Willful ignorance simply helps conflicts escalate.

Pisces adjusts easily to their environment. These clairvoyant fish have access to the collective unconscious and become great artists.

Kind and sensitive, they enjoy music and romance together. Relationships with mystical Pisces involve significant spiritual investigation.

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