Illustrative Striped Animals

Black-and-white zebras are equids. Wild zebras herd with a stallion and many ladies. They graze like horses on grass and brush. African predators hunt zebras.


Madagascar is home to ring-tailed lemurs. Gray and white bodies, orange-brown eyes. They have lengthy, gray-and-black-striped tails. Ring-tailed lemurs eat plants and animals.

Ring-tailed lemur

Orange-brown tigers have brown or black stripes. In jungles and forests, stripes help animals hide. Tigers eat deer and boars. They'll attack if threatened or trapped.


North American skunks include the striped skunk. Black with white stripes. The striped skunk is an American species. Some species of skunks do not have stripes to ward off predators.


North American garters are common. Green on top, yellow or off-white underneath. Three stripes cover its body. White or tan yellow stripes. Blue striped snakes.

Garter Snake

A ribbon snake lives in the southeast. Ribbon snake bodies and heads are slender. Eastern ribbon snake, 2 ft. Their bodies and backs are covered in yellow stripes.

Ribbon Snake

Honeybees live in thousands-strong hives. Honeybee abdomens are striped. Bees make honey from pollen and nectar. This honey helps the hive's young survive winter.


Bee and yellow jacket wasp are often confused. Honey bees have no yellow jacket stripes. Yellow jacket has yellow and black stripes, bee has brown.

Yellow jacket

Angelfish are popular aquarium fish with big lips. They're easy to breed in captivity. Angelfish create lasting pair relationships, which is unique.


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