If you're looking for a pet bird, give a finch a try

The range of plumage and patterning available in finches is astounding. Because of their cute appearance, chirpy voices, and playful antics with their flock mates, finches have become popular as pets.

These social birds may get along with others if they have their own space. Spice finches, sometimes called nutmeg and mascot finches, are hard to reproduce and don't talk or sing much.

Spice Finch

Couples or groups should keep Gouldian finches. Only use calm birds. Gouldian finches are friendly and peaceful. Like most finches, they don't like being handled.

Gouldian Finch

Gouldian finches are ideal pets due of their stability, friendliness, and social behaviour. Finches eat finch mix, diced hard-boiled egg, and greens. Spray millet.

Zebra finches are social and should be kept in couples or groups unless they were hand-raised. Some are bossy, yet they're generally friendly. Zebras breed quickly.

Zebra Finch

Zebra finches aren't tame, but they like people. Zebra finches eat seed, egg, greens, and millet. Cuttlebone beats sand. Well-cared-for zebra finches live 7-10 years.

Society finches are domesticated. Cute pet birds. White to black. No two brown-and-white ones are alike. It's interesting. Only men sing, despite looking like women.

Society Finch

These birds are sociable. When alone, they're unhappy. Friendly with finches. Well-bred. Societies are amazing pets. Variable appearance and peace are appealing. Affordable

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