Identifying the signs that a Gemini man loves you

Jupiter rules communication, so a Gemini man in love will call, text, and video call to keep in touch. He assimilates knowledge quickly than other signs, solving issues in seconds.

Open up and share more

Gemini are social. In love, he'll make plans with his friends and take you out. He will introduce you to everyone and encourage new relationships and exchanges.

To put it bluntly, he will socially parade you about

In love, Gemini men are constantly interested. He will enquire about your life to learn more. Gemini men's endless curiosity will encourage you open up.

Eventually, he will become very nosy

Geminis adore trying new things every day. Gemini men appreciate trying new things with their partners. He'll always include you in his plans and activities.

If you're up for it, he'll invite you out on daring dates

Unlike most men, Gemini males experience strong feelings. He'll open out more to you and be more chatty when he's feeling romantic.

Let his emotions out

Not only that, but he'll spill the beans on everything. Relationships between two Geminis are rock-solid. Relationships formed under the sign of the air continue to soar.

Gemini males are calm. He'll ask but not push. If you're off, these guys can compensate. A Gemini man quickly reads your energy and follows your lead.

He will adjust to your plans and tastes

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