Aries are full of self-confidence but when they get jealous, it takes a toll emotionally and their inherent insecurity is seen.


Taurus are very rational with being stubborn, so they don't get very jealous, and they want to be comfortable without showing their emotions.


Gemini knows that being loyal is personally challenging, and when they're jealous, they tend to sulk, which makes them hard to trust.


Cancer people do not bring out their jealousy until it turns into resentment, and it is difficult for them to believe once they have been cheated.


When someone else is given more attention by ignoring the people of Leo, then the flame of jealous anger of Leo's people becomes fearful.


Virgo likes to keep their emotions under control, but can still be extremely jealous, and won't believe until they know the truth.


Librans have a tendency to be insecure, avoid confrontation, and try to get out of it quickly when they are jealous.


The people of Scorpio zodiac are more jealous, these people are jealous of everyone who tries to come in the middle of their way.


Sagittarius people do not live much in jealousy, but when these people are cheated, then they start looking at everyone with suspicion.


Capricorn people are jealous almost all the time but avoid showing it to everyone and never talk about it with anyone else.


Aquarians do not share their feelings with everyone and when jealous, they leave the person they are jealous of and move on without explanation.


Pisces are sensitive and very aware of the feelings of others. If they are jealous, their natural compassion convicts them right out of their jealous tyranny.

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