How to Throw a Great Cat Party for Their Birthday?

Cat birthdays and adoption dates can be extravagant for pet parents. Cats love unconditionally, so show your gratitude. Throw a balloon-filled kitty party.

Give your cat a long birthday play session. Massages help mature cats. Give your cat a new, extra-comfy bed for their birthday. Cats enjoy to nap in comfortable beds.

Treat your cat well

Start by letting the cat roam your home. Praise your cat often and be patient while it adjusts to the harness. Introduce your cat to the outdoors in a safe, confined space.

Embark on a New Experience

No-bake fish cakes will satisfy your birthday kitty. Bite one too. You'll need food and a willing cat. Mix drained white albacore tuna, diced chicken, and pureed sweet potato in a large bowl. 

Bake a Cat Cake

You've taken lots of selfies and pet photographs. Celebrate your cat's big day by having a professional photo shot of them with and without you and your family.

Take a Photographic

Catnip your cat for happy hour. Cats can get catnip from toys, bubbles, or leaves. Make a soft catnip toy for your cat's birthday with this free, easy pattern. 

Catnip is a Reward for Your Cat

With so many alternatives, buying or making a new cat birthday toy should be easy. Whether it likes active or cuddly toys, a birthday is the perfect occasion to add to its overflowing toy basket.

Pick the Best Present

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