Competition is his first name, not the middle and the middle is the finger he'll show you if he won't praise her as if he's the least moving God.


Try to pull the bull off its horns and you'll only get a tormenting heart and once you show them how it's done they'll be committed to life.


People of this zodiac need someone with whom they can really talk openly about anything, there is that saying Your vibe attracts your tribe.


They run like waterfalls when it comes to emotions so there are actually the least possible signs to cheat because they want stability.


They are accustomed to the mess, but not always because they have lost interest in their partner, but because they want to draw attention from a desperate air force.


They worry about problems that don't yet exist, they induce stress at a very good level, you won't even realize it.


Libra won't cheat because they lack something in their life, they'll just cheat for the fun of it because you never know what extreme they're at.


Most of the time, the Scorpio will actually make you feel like the Grand Prix, but not for long, this sign rarely settles, so just don't fulfill your hope and your moral downfall won't happen either.


Sagittarius people are always looking for fun this means that what they really wants is sexy time in all the wrong places.


Capricorns may speak loyalty as their mother tongue, but they're not really into finding great love, that doesn't mean they'll even bathe in infidelity.


Aquarius wants to connect with his lover on all levels, so, chances are that whatever you got there may or may not work.


The ruler of empathy and emotions will betray only when the relationship becomes void from the protagonist, but at times unhappiness can actually float in shallow waters.

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