You are the one who fainted on the floor because you 'won' the drinking competition.


You are the one who won't eat any food because you're afraid you won't have an allergic reaction.


You promised most that you're coming up with chips and more beer in fifteen minutes, you'll be back with a bag of chips four hours later, because you've already drunk all the beer.


You're standing near Guacamole, wondering if anyone has noticed how much you've already eaten, but hey, it's free food, and you don't feel like talking to anyone.


When you tell about that story, when one late summer night the police caught you taking a dip in the local reservoir


With a full glass of scotch, you sit in a chair and start reading a fascinating 1947 book about the mating habits of Australian chipmunks.


You are the one who is angry that the girl who lives across the street in front of you that you absolutely hate is wearing the same dress as you are.


You decided to stay at home and open a bottle of wine and watch Netflix.


You're under the stars in the backyard, sitting fluttering to pee and hoping no one will notice.


You're sitting on the couch drinking your third beer, smiling politely at everyone.


Everyone danced all night but you are the one who raised it a notch and started dancing at the kitchen counter.


Scrubbing on your knees on the huge wine stain you leave on the carpet after stumbling on your heels on the way to the dinner table

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