How to Deal with a Leo Man in a Relationship


Leo is the most theatrical and expressive zodiac sign, therefore it's no surprise he's ruled by the Sun. This permanent fire sign symbolises a faithful ruler.

He's royally treated. He's popular. This lively, catlike guy will make you feel luxurious. He boldly follows no one's rules or timeline except his own.

Top Pairings For A Leo Man

Leos love being coddled, thus Libra works well. Happy couple always invited. Both signs seek success. Both presumably learn from each other and get along.

Aries is a great match for Leo because they're both lively and unique. Together, their passion and fire will spark. Their fire sign compatibility is excellent.

First Date with a Leo Man

Leo will whisk you away to an exclusive event, a hot air balloon ride, or a lively bar. Leos are naturally dramatic and imaginative, but you must earn their trust before you can truly impress them.

An Indoor Leo

Leos are spoiled. They're spoiled housecats. Blankets, velvet couches, and mirrors abound. Leos are gregarious and prefer to surround themselves with pride.

A Leo Man Friends circle

 These royal lions have many friends, fans, and lovers. They're welcomed everywhere and throw great parties. If you're in a Leo's inner circle, you're golden.

Worst Matches For A leo Man

Leo may require Taurus and Scorpio's help. Tauruses and Leos are stubborn, making compromise hard. Taureans are realistic whereas Leos indulge. Taurus should be flexible and Leo patient.

Leos crave the spotlight, while Scorpios prefer mystery. Scorpios can't live like Leos, and vice versa. Both signs can be passive aggressive due to jealousy and passivity.

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