The Best Natural Ways to Balance Your Hormones

Eating enough protein causes the release of appetite-suppressing peptide hormones. 20–30 grammes per meal is ideal.


Exercise affects hormone health. Exercise increases hormone receptor sensitivity, which improves nutrient and hormone delivery to muscles.

 Regular Exercise

Maintaining a healthy weight is vital for hormone health, since obesity can cause hormonal imbalances that decrease insulin sensitivity and fertility.

Moderate weight

High-sugar diets cause insulin resistance, disturb gut flora, and lower leptin. Sugar reduction may improve hormonal health.

Cut sugar

Stress wreaks havoc on hormones. Long-term stress is managed by cortisol. Meditation, yoga, and other relaxing activities reduce cortisol.

lowering of stress

Healthy fats minimise insulin resistance and cortisol. Natural fats improve insulin resistance and appetite.

Eat healthy fats

Sleep is important for health, independent of diet or exercise. Poor sleep decreases hunger hormones, increases stress and insulin resistance.

Sleep well

Diets need fibre. High fibre consumption improves insulin sensitivity and appetite-regulating hormones.

High fiber intake

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