You know what you need and in no case will you compromise on anything less or participate in an activity that you have no desire to be a part of just to please others.


You don't want anyone to come into your life and insult your mind so you have built walls around you because whenever you meet someone you need to judge a lot of things.


You don't let anyone else control you and don't like people who make others unhappy with their sadness so you're always far from such people.


You look at the world differently assuming that in the past you have had your fair share of sorrows and betrayals you never even thought of giving up and it makes you emotionally strong.


You want the good of the world and also work for it you help all the people who need you by doing this you do not want to impress people but want to see them happy.


You know that life is all about the events that happen to us when we are busy making our own plans you find joy in doing whatever you do.


You like happiness and you know that if you do not focus on your happiness no one else will so even in the time of waves of sadness you keep smiling.


You do not get weak in any way because you know your worth and also know what you are doing when and do not waste much time in making decisions because you are right most of the time.


You don't like being part of the crowd even if people judge you about it you are happy with your decisions because there is comfort that you feel by being yourself.


You have things to do, food to eat and place to hang out you believe that we have a limited day so you see each day as a new opportunity to live as if it was your last day.


You definitely have a great way of living you always listen to your heart and do the work that makes you happiest no matter what others say.


You like to solve things that may cause you problems you like to let things go because you know that no one is happy by keeping them letting go of pain is the first step to happiness.


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