Scorpios are smart and intuitive, but they don't trust anyone because they're dominated by Mars and Pluto. They're highly mysterious and can't conceive that others don't have secrets.


The scorpion's sting is especially painful because it is designed to bring you emotional distress. They have a capacity for vengeance and often show little concern for the suffering they cause.

Aries embraces their love of battle, impetuosity, and excitement. As the most egotistical zodiac sign, Aries is not reliable and sees everything as a competition.


Mercury rules them, so they talk too much. They want to mingle, form community, and deepen relationships. They can't hold back a delicious rumour.


Some things said behind your back can feel like a punch to the stomach when you find out. It's a well-known fact that Geminis are the most notorious troublemakers.

Sagittarians are fun-loving and make new friends easily. Sagittarians are ruled by Fire, therefore they can accidentally damage people's feelings.


Rapid-fire speech makes them rude. The Sagittarius tendency is to speak before considering their words. They don't mean any harm by being so forthright, but their comments aren't always appropriate.

Sun rules Leo. They're arrogant and don't filter their words and acts. The theatrical and playful lion loves attention. If you steal Leo's spotlight, they may become territorial and bossy.


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