The most treacherous signs and insecure Aries boy in the zodiac need constant arrogance and endless new adventures, they get bored easily and don't even feel bad about getting caught.


Taurus people will also not consider cheating emotionally or physically unless they strongly suspect that you are already cheating on them.


Geminis are cruel in their cheating, usually targeting one of their best friends as an object of their affection and lust.


If these are thoughtful, they will have a border-line-romantic friendship with someone at school and never mention that this other person exists, but since they are clumsy in cheating.


Leos without your knowledge when you have two battles will keep a whole still or bullpen of other girls as a backup whether it's an ex or someone they want to get to know better.


Virgo, unlike most people they are able to fall in love with many girls at the same time and they cover their tracks with the skills of government detectives.


Libra people are very loyal friends but are not so loyal when it comes to love. Being impulsive they cannot resist any attention of the opposite s*x.


Scorpios find themselves in a double bond and if they suspect that you are also hitting an eye on someone of the opposite sex they will immediately find a way to take revenge.


Sagittarius goes to the game of cards to cheat like a gambler, they play to win without showing you any emotion, what they will do will try to re establish contact with an ex


Capricorns usually don't wander until they feel you're not giving them everything they need, both physically and emotionally.


Aquarius people also fall out of love very quickly and seek that initial highness with someone else, they can't help themselves by getting attention and recognition wherever they can get it.


Believable by nature, Pisces cheat only when you are not meeting any of their emotional or intellectual needs.


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