How do you argue based on your zodiac sign?


Aries are competitive and will do whatever to get ahead, yet they get hot on their own faults and are hard to convince.


Taurus zodiac people are stubborn and sometimes escalate arguments instead of finding a solution.


Although Geminis are caring and welcoming, they don't hesitate to use strong words and demonstrate wit when matters get heated.


Cancerians prefer to avoid confrontation wherever possible, and they do it by appealing to their fellow humans' sentiments.


The obstinacy of a Leo can be a major factor in any disagreement because of the Leo's dynamic and fiery attitude.


Zodiac Virgos are constantly striving to improve the world around them. When faced with a problem, they look for its root cause and then, with a cool head and a focused intellect, they find a solution.


Librans are peacemakers and diplomats who avoid conflict at all costs. However, these are the people who will be the first to intervene when they see injustice or inequality.


Scorpios are stubborn and won't back down from a fight, but they'll make sure to hear out the opposing side first.

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