Highly Recommended Dog Breeds as Companions


The papillon smiles and listens for enjoyment. Their vivacious disposition made them popular with European nobility. Papillons are spaniels. It's still energetic and sharp, seeking exercise and mental concentration.


Chihuahuas love cuddling with their owners. Low-energy and apartment-friendly. They'll sound the alert if they spot unknown persons or animals. Socialize this breed young to promote a kind attitude.

French Bulldog

Easygoing and friendly, French bulldogs. The Frenchie doesn't need a big yard. The breed is peaceful and comfortable if walked daily. This tiny bulldog's balanced disposition is appealing.

Shih Tzu

Tibetan toy dogs were emperors' favourites. Attackers prompted an alarm. Shih Tzus warm laps. Shih Tzus love people. Calm disposition makes breed suited for apartment or house living.


Pug mugs are cute. These dogs were meant to be pets. They love being cuddled. Lazy pugs don't need much space. They must exercise daily to avoid boredom and be healthy.


A centuries-old companion dog. Roman noblewomen reportedly tucked these dogs into their gowns. Maltese still enjoys being cuddled and carried. They'll bark at intruders. They're sweet and even-tempered otherwise.


Dachshunds were originally meant to chase little animals, but now they prefer blankets. The dachshund is always alert for intruders. It follows its favourite person from room to room and clings.


Smart, affable, and adaptable, the poodle. Poodles make terrific pets. Standard poodles are more energetic. Larger poodles make better active partners, while smaller ones are great for strollers.

Boston Terrier

Boston terriers make good pets. These little dogs do well in apartments or condos because they are calm and don't need much space. They'll be ready to cuddle after some walks and activities.

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