This root vegetable's vitamin A contains beta carotene, which may help prevent AMD. One roasted sweet potato provides 1,403 mcg vitamin A.

Sweet potato

Animal livers are vitamin A-rich. Animals store vitamin A in their livers, like humans. Vitamin A-rich foods include lamb liver and liver sausage.

Beef liver

Cod liver oil has 4,080 mcg of vitamin A per tablespoon. Fish oils provide anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids that protect the heart.

 Cod liver oil

Carrots with beta-carotene. Raw carrots contain 459 mcg of vitamin A, or 51% DV. Carrot fibre reduces constipation and improves gut health.


Black-eyed pea protein. Black-eyed peas provide 13% of daily vitamin A. Vitamin A lubricates and protects corneas.

Black-eyed peas

Raw spinach is fat- and cholesterol-free per serving. 30 g of fresh spinach provides 140.70 mcg vitamin A, which is used to build tissues, including skin.


A half-cup of broccoli provides 7 percent of a person's DV of vitamin A. Vitamin A for strong bones


Mango is immune-boosting. One cup of mango offers 10% of daily vitamin A. Vitamin A boosts immunity.


Dried apricots are rich in vitamin A.Ten dried apricot halves provide 7% of the DV of vitamin A. Dried fruits are fiber- and antioxidant-rich.

Dried apricots

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