You'll break everything that comes your way, your bad side is not intentional, nor cold, nor passive aggressive it's impulsive and uncontrollable, there is no fury like Aries in hell.


Being lazy at their core, you won't bother to develop complex conspiracies of revenge because they are too expensive and time-consuming.


You are the only sign whose very symbol is based on a divided personality but when someone makes a foolish decision to put a foot on your toes, he is walking straight in a thunderstorm.


If you feel that injustice has been done to you, you will not go for murder, as long as your goal doesn't lose the will to live, you'll just pick up and strike.


You're an arrogant and self absorbing bully, your way to let someone else down is to pat yourself down.


Your dark side is expressed through passive aggression which is often more annoying than flat out aggression.


You think apologies are useless, because they knew why they did what they did, and they apologize to tell them they're not really as terrible as they are.


You will chase them across the seven seas and to the four corners of the earth to make sure that the vengeance is yours and you will not have a sense of guilt for making their life a living hell.


When someone makes the mistake of offending you, you'll tell them how you feel.


You won't do a single thing with the person who has done wrong to you.


With short prickly passive aggressive comments you'll take your opponent to the brink of insanity.


You won't do anything directly to them but instead you will light candles and incense sticks and call upon the forces of darkness to take revenge on your behalf.

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