You live in the fear that you will never find the person who fulfills you, will you ever find true love?


You are afraid of death. There is no point in denying it. You want to know the date when you will die but then you definitely never want to know until Grimm Reaper just comes and surprises you.


You're afraid of the unknown—so much so that you just haven't heard anything else from me.


What you fear most about the future is that nothing is permanent, despite knowing that nothing lasts forever.


You have a morbid, creeping fear of being alone, nothing deeper than the idea of a future where you are alone in this great cold world.


You worry about a future in which you won't be able to meet your basic needs, economic concern.


Disease disability, cancer, aging. The fact that your own body will ultimately betray you more than a friend lover or family member.


You're afraid to slowly lose your mind, there's nothing more terrible to you than the idea that you're not everything you once were.


You are scared to know that the roller coaster of your life is at its peak and it's all downhill from here and there's nothing to look forward to and interest in life is slowly waning.


You fear that the world is falling apart and you will live to see it.


Deep within you lies a morbid fear that a natural disaster is about to rain holy hell on this planet.


You hate the uncertainty of the future by giving part of the recorded history of the past, giving it easy to see the present but the future? You don't have a clue so that's bad things.

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