Methodology Meal delivery is a quick way to eat more vegetables.

Cooking burnout exists. I'm sick of my own cooking thanks to the pandemic. I started out ambitious, trying new recipes like thestew & banana bread.

I started throwing stuff on a plate & calling it a cheese board. After a long day at home, I didn't want to work more.

Dishes? Please. Even though I live alone, I always have dirty dishes.

Meal delivery services seem like a good way to enjoy a home-cooked meal without any prep work or dragging out every pot & pan in the cabinet.

Some food services, especially prepared ones, can have a frozen TV dinner vibe. Methodology has unique packaging and is healthy and delicious.

Methodology is a meal service that offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, & drinks. Gluten, dairy, & refined sugar are absent.

You'll find probiotics, adaptogens, & omega-3s. Julie Nguyen, Methodology's CEO & co-founder, says they source ingredients from California & globally.

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