Hair-growing fruits

Natural banana smooth and preserve hair. They keep hair supple, preventing breaks and split ends. Topically applied banana stimulates hair growth and adds shine.


Papaya helps hair grow. Prevents balding, increases hair growth, and strengthens roots. It's dandruff-removing. Papaya leaf conditions lacklustre hair.


Strawberry is good for hair growth and scalp diseases. Strawberries prevent fungal infections on the scalp, including those caused by dampness.


Gooseberry or amla has been used for decades to treat hair and scalp concerns. It improves hair colour, hence it's used in grey hair oils.


Vitamin C and antioxidants in oranges grow hair. It enhances hair growth by increasing blood circulation. Oranges are readily available and take little effort.


Apples prevent hair loss. Apple's antioxidants, vitamins, and soluble fibres encourage hair development. Green apple paste helps hair grow, lowers hair loss, and balances pH.


Guava's vitamin A and C boost hair growth and reduce dandruff. Guava grows healthy, problem-free hair. This green berry gives you dream hair when applied topically.


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