Chimpanzees have opposable thumbs and large toes. Their longer, slimmer hands have more space than ours. Our hands aren't as good as theirs at climbing trees.


Baboons and the Colobus are monkeys with opposable thumbs. A baboon's tail is nonprehensile. Opposable thumbs and prehensile tails make capuchins unusual among monkeys.


Koalas have opposable thumbs and toes on both feet. Extra thumbs help them grab eucalyptus branches. Koalas dwell in the trees and come down to eat.


Gorillas live on the ground but can climb like chimps. The Congo River Basin is home to all 4 gorilla species and subspecies. Here, herbivorous gorillas thrive.


Red-haired orangutans live in trees. Orangutans' thumbs and toes are opposable. Orangutans live alone, unlike other big apes. Females raise their offspring, but males live alone.


The sixth toe of red pandas' and giant pandas' front paws can be used to fight. Specialized jaws help them eat bamboo shoots and leaves quickly.


Australian and New Zealand natives. Some consider these pests. Possums climb with their thumbs. Their hand-like back foot lets them climb with all four limbs.

Brushtail Possum

They're the only marsupials in the Americas. Their fifth, opposable toe, is nail-free. They use their prehensile tails to hang from the ceiling.

Virginia Opossum

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