Commitment is very important in a relationship and when your partner avoids making a 

He avoids commitment

commitment with you or gives any excuse then it is very likely that he may be cheating on you.

If he starts paying attention to someone else instead of being attracted to you, he may be cheating .

A lack of interest

If the guy you are dating starts flirting with everyone then it is a sign that he will cheat on you in the near future.

He Flirts

When you are in a relationship with a boy then everything is going well at first but -

Starts looking for excuses to fight

 suddenly the boy starts losing interest then he starts making some excuse to fight with you.

When you connect with a boy and talk about getting married to take your relationship forward, 

He resists marriage

but only then that boy starts cutting the talk as soon as it comes to marriage or makes up his mind for marriage.

In a relationship, when you talk about introducing the boy to your family, he starts procrastinating for that.

Not introducing you to family

Support is important in a relationship and your partner is not giving you the support that you need or used to give before.

No Support

When your partner is not keeping any meaning in your life or has started meaning limit from your life, then he can cheat you.

Starting to mean less

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