9 Grocery Items You Won't Find

After a sluggish and careful return to pre-pandemic normalcy last year, 2022 looks like fall 2020—and that means grocery store supply concerns.

According to Bloomberg, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a major wheat supply, has disrupted the process. With India's export prohibition, wheat prices are rising and a shortage is possible.


Due to increasing energy prices, Brazil recently diverted more sugarcane to ethanol. Various products employ ethanol, or alcohol. This could reduce sugar supplies, causing higher prices.


Avocados may be less common in stores. The U.S. stopped avocado shipments from Mexico after a plant safety inspector threatened. U.S. inspectors are in Mexico, ensuring safety of its exports.


 Toilet paper has topped scarcity lists for two years: The Russian invasion of Ukraine has again caused pulp shortages in Europe, according to Bloomberg.


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Fast-food establishments cut chicken dishes in spring 2021 due to a chicken shortage. Fall shortages hit supermarket stores. Half of Americans surveyed by Business Insider. 

Eggs, meat

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