The Most Dangerous Grilling Mistakes

Grilling season is great for many reasons. Every barbeque recipe is sharing, and it's a casual way to entertain.

Not cleaning the grill first.

"Wire-brush the grill before summer use. This added precaution will help you be safe when grilling "Stop Foodborne Illness CEO Deirdre Schlungger adds.

Bolling recommends 5 minutes for charcoal after adding burning coals and 15 minutes for gas over high heat. This helps scrape off any stuck-on food and prevents stickiness.

Not preheating.

"Don't stack meat packets in your fridge," Schlungger advises. Keep them in a single layer so nothing drips onto other iced objects.

Incorrectly storing and removing grilling materials.

The CDC and USDA are undoing Julia Child's 1960s guidance. Washing chicken before cooking is unnecessary and hazardous. Doing so will spread infections throughout the bird—and your kitchen—while you prepare other items.


Pineapple, peppers, and other grilled produce safe? Reconsider. Sliced fruits and vegetables have been involved in a string of food recalls because bacteria on the skin can readily enter the component if cut before cleaning.

Not washing produce before slicing.

Keep poultry, veggies, fish, and meat separate once you're ready to slice. Mark each cutting board so you know which to use.

Meat and non-meat on the same chopping board.

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