Golden Retriever Personality and Health

The golden retriever is a medium-sized breed with a golden coat that originated in Scotland. Golden retrievers are famous in the U.S. for their kind eyes, devotion, and zest for life.

Golden Retriever

Dogs are fantastic with kids and are quick learners. Golden retrievers make excellent guiding, therapy, and SAR dogs. 10-12 years is average lifespan.

Golden retriever pups develop quickly and need a low-calorie diet to prevent bone diseases. An adult golden retriever should eat 1.5 cups of dry dog chow per meal.

Diet & Nutrition

Meals are preferable than free-feeding. Size, exercise level, age, and other factors affect how much a dog needs. Provide clean water always.

Golden retrievers have thick undercoats and water-repellent outer coats. In the spring and fall, they shed extensively. Daily brushing and a monthly bath are needed.

Dog Care

Golden retrievers' nails should be cut monthly to prevent foot problems. Dogs should brush twice weekly. Floppy ears make them prone to ear infections.


Goldens need daily exercise and training. A golden retriever needs a play yard and daily walks. Golden retrievers get along with most other dogs, so they'll enjoy the dog park.


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