The Advantages of Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep-related artery damage causes early-morning heart attacks and strokes. Sleeplessness raises blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, and stroke.

Heart Health

Insomnia causes stress. High alert raises blood pressure and stress levels. High blood pressure raises heart attack, stroke, and sleep risks.

Reduces Stress

Sleeplessness increases stress hormones and inflammation. This boosts heart, cancer, and diabetes risks. Inflammation speeds ageing.

Reduces inflammation

Sleep energises and awakens. Activity improves sleep. When you're revived, do energetic things. Better sleep boosts energy.

 Increases alertness

Memory consolidation requires sleep. During sleep, your body rests, but your brain processes experiences, sensory information, feelings, and memories.

Sleep boosts memory

Short sleepers are more obese. Sleep deprivation affects appetite-regulating hormones. Sleep deprivation affects ghrelin and leptin.

Sleep helps lose weight

Sleep cures stress, UV damage, and other harm. Sleep increases protein synthesis. Protein molecules form cells that can heal.


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