Weimaraners are Great pointing German breed. Intelligent problem-solvers, these dogs. They require lots of enrichment to avoid causing mayhem at home.

Bracco Italiano

The bracco is known for being trustworthy in the field and calm at home. Gentle and affectionate, they create strong family relationships. Drooling, vocal breed. In North America, they're scarce.

English Pointer

English pointers are popular, flexible, and hardworking. Their drive makes them good at agility, canicross, and obedience. Home-loving English pointers are loyal and kind.

English Setter

The calm breed likes gentle children and other canines. The English setter is one of three silky-coated British setters. This breed is ancient, like the bracco Italiano.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Germany's hunting dogs are excellent. The most flexible and capable hunting dog, say experts. This breed is descended from the extinct German bird dog.


These nimble dogs were wonderful hunting partners for tribesmen. Noblemen admired their quickness and flexibility. Vizslas are loyal, versatile, and big-hearted.

Irish Setter

Hunting bred the Irish setter. It locates gamebirds for hunters. These dogs hunt in fields and wet or dry moors. They find birds by smell. The Irish setter points to the concealed fowl.

Gordon Setter

Experienced Gordon setter owners are needed. Protective of strangers. This hunting companion crouches, freezes, and points to game. Heavy, muscular, and able to tolerate long hunts,

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