Freshwater aquarium fish for the smaller tank


Aquariums need guppies. Frequent breeding overpopulates guppy tanks. Guppy owners should tell males from females to prevent overcrowding. Females are plain with a huge white belly and smaller than males.

Neon Tetra

The neon tetra is a popular fish for freshwater aquariums. Stripes of red and blue give these fish a splash of colour. They move through the classroom like a lively wave.

Serpae Tetra

This charismatic species deserves its reputation. Aquascapes with plants look better with red-and-black-spotted fish. Fish bite each other's fins in aquariums. Long fins may be a trait of this fish.

Panda Corydoras

Panda Corydoras are popular as pets. Panda catfish have white or translucent bodies with black spots on the head and tail base. Corydoras catfish are all peaceful.

Pea Puffer

New to aquariums is the Pea Puffer. Size them up. Small fish are violent even among themselves. A highly planted 10 gallon aquarium may hold two to three. With them, keep fast-swimming, non-aggressive fish.

Tiger Barb

Tiger Barbs are easy to care for but don't like community tanks. Make sure they have room to swim in a tank with aggressive fish. Six or more tiger barbs work well. Green and albino colours are available.

German Blue Ram

Few Cichlid species fit in a community aquarium. The German Blue Ram has strict water quality and habitat requirements. Warm, acidic aquariums are ideal.

Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf Gouramis are little. Intermediate gouramis need specific care. Small, gentle fish can be kept with dwarf gouramis. Male has red and blue streaks, female is drab. 

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