Foods to Start Your Day: 9 Classic Breakfast Recipes

Having pancakes with your family on a sunny day is a great way to start it. Pancakes should not be rushed. They're a great way to ease into the day rather than rushing through it.

Pancakes & Maple Syrup

Quick breakfast: toasted English muffin. You can add whatever toppings you like. Butter, Nutella, and cream cheese have sophisticated substitutes.

Toasted English Muffin

An English muffin, ham or bacon, a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce make up breakfast. This high-protein breakfast combines great flavours and can help you feel full longer.

Eggs Benedict

Cut bagels in half and toast them for a quick breakfast. There are variations containing sesame and sunflower seeds, as well as rye and whole-grain dough.

Bagel with Cream Cheese

Making cinnamon rolls from home isn't as difficult as it appears. This breakfast is sweet and sugary, so you shouldn't have it every day.

Cinnamon Rolls

Breakfast favourites include French toast. This is often made on Sundays but may be made any day. Fried egg-dipped bread. Milk, cream, nutmeg, vanilla

French Toast

Bacon and eggs are breakfast staples for a reason. The flavours pair well, and a starch such a croissant, toast, fried potatoes, or hash browns is often included.

Bacon and Eggs

Crepes can be made with sweet or savoury fillings. Crepe fillings include fruit, sugar and chocolate syrup, berry sauce, and sugar and lemon.

 Sweet Crepes

Parfaits make oats, fruit, and yoghurt more intriguing and portable for breakfast. If you make them in portable containers, you may make them the night before for an easy morning.

Breakfast Parfait

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