Foods for a Beach Picnic!

Beach with a chilly lunch is perfect. Wraps are great since the fillings are hidden inside. It's healthful and easy to prepare. Any way you want.


Watermelon is the perfect summer treat. Beachgoers love watermelon. Rinse watermelon juices. Chop watermelon before the beach!


Grapes are a fun beach snack. Refreshing and healthier than candy. Green and purple grapes are fine. Wash and store in an airtight container for your beach day.


Fresh vegetables are fantastic for the beach, but there's more. Greek yoghurt dip is delicious. Greek yoghurt makes this dip healthier than store-bought dips.

Greek Yogurt Dip

Yummy hummus dip. Protein-rich chickpeas. Making hummus is easy. This healthful dish uses affordable ingredients, not store-bought containers.


Granola is popular among busy professionals, hikers, and anybody seeking a quick snack


Pop organic plain popcorn in a baggie or eco-friendly container. Add paprika, nutritional yeast, cinnamon, and nutmeg. For added crunch, add nuts and fibre.


You won't need to keep apples or oranges cold all day. Fruit also hydrates well.

 Oranges & apples

Packing for the beach is no time to cook. You can buy a rotisserie chicken, chill it, and shred it before leaving.

Rotisserie Chicken

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