Common Food Cravings Revealed by Nutritionists

What drives your cravings

A few tips: Dr. Greenway says women are more likely to report food cravings than men, though most report more at night. This may prove that your brain views certain foods.

Cookie-and-milk craving?

Classic cravings? Milk contains l-tryptophan, a mood-boosting, sleep-inducing compound. If you crave milk, cookies, or a milkshake, you may need some R&R.


When you diet, do you crave high-fat foods like pizza and ice cream? Once you start being disciplined, forbidden foods may call your name. 2018 study found dieting may increase cravings.

Burger & fries

Our modern world is full of stress, from news to family to work deadlines. These stressors cause chronic stress, which raises adrenal hormone levels. High-calorie, high-fat comfort food.

Ice Craving?

Some people love chewing ice, even though it hurts their teeth. Science says craving cold drinks could be a sign of anaemia. A 2016 study found that ice cravings indicate iron deficiency.


If you crave chocolate, you may be one of many who consider it a mood-booster. Those who ate dark chocolate in a 24-hour period were 57% less likely to report depression?

Sweet tooth?

Do you daydream about candy bars and gummies? You may need more sleep. A 2018 study found that when people slept more, they ate less sugar.

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