In a relationship, it is necessary to have love and happiness from both the partners, due to which in the initial phase of the relationship, the couples look very happy with each other,

but as the relationship progresses, the relationship between them starts getting boring, hence the relationship These tips will be helpful for couples to prevent marriage from getting boring.

Come forward to praise

Keep praising your partner without missing a single opportunity, due to which the relationship between you will move towards being full of love like before.

Revive old memories

After the relationship becomes boring, both the partners go together to those places where they used to be happy or go to those places where both met, 

the old place often refreshes the memories and helps a lot in rekindling the love between each other.

Give each other time

Give time to each other, take some time out from your outside life and spend quality time together as much as possible.

Plan a weekend

When the weekend comes, give each other full time and make sure to go on a date somewhere to spend some relaxing moments together.

Stay away from mobile or electronic gadget

Boredom has come in the relationship and there is no love between each other, so whenever you are together, keep the mobile aside and just pay attention to your partner.

Resort to gifts

Don't forget to give gifts, wrap things that your partner likes and give gifts to your partner, which will help things to be like before.

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