After falling in love, it is necessary how to express it, how to tell him that you love him, these tips will help you.

Never miss an opportunity to make the person you love feel very special and tell them how much they mean to you.

Give special feel

Express your love to the one you love without any delay, and express whatever feelings you have in your heart.

Don't be late to express

After falling in love, it is very important to make him feel, make your crush feel loved all the time.

Make love feel

When talking with crush, listen carefully to their words and try to understand, do not overreact in their words.

Tune into their every word

Whenever you are with your crush, put forward their choice and try to do what they want at all times.

Do their favorite thing

Don't compare your crush to anyone else, make them feel that they are unique.

Avoid comparisons

Don't make those whom you love feel alone, stay with them in their every problem and assure them that you are with them in every problem.

Avoid feeling isolated

Spend time with the one you love, try to spend time with your crush as much as possible, this will help you understand each other better.

Spend more time

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