Five Peaceful Tropical Fish Companions

Neon tetras are gentle and won't harm other fish in your tank. When stressed, they can fight. Avoid overstocking and monitor water quality to keep your tank safe.

Neon Tetra

Guppies are active, colourful fish. They're little, so they won't harm other fish in your tank, but they're very active, so if you want a calm aquarium, avoid them.

Fancy Guppy

Plecostomus eats algae while clinging to glass. People who desire a calm aquarium may not like them. When their needs aren't addressed, Plecos get cranky. Plants die.

Otocinclus Catfish

Aquarium cories are popular. They reside in the tank's bottom and eat leftovers. Their work keeps your water tank clean.

Cory Catfish

Hardy aquarium fish, zebra danios. Small, docile, and playful. Zebras lay eggs, not live young, so your tank won't be overrun with guppies, swords, and platies. Ideal number: six.

Zebra Danio

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